Why I love Ruby on Rails… impement a new feature in about an hour

Yes, I’m a fanboy, but with good reasons.

Tonight I decided that I’d really like to add openid support to the MHVLUG Event Calendar.  Accounts aren’t used that much in it, because you have to be in the admin role to notice any difference.  However, it’s just one less field for me to have to fill in.

So, the 6 million dollar question, what was the duration of time between deciding I’d like to do this (though having no idea how), and having a working implementation…

65 minutes.

Which included getting up to get dinner in the oven.

In blow by blow format:

  • A quick bit of googling got me to the openid-authentication railscast, which I watched all the way through.
  • I fixed a couple of his refactoring bits to work with newer restful_authentication.
  • I also installed an old open_id_authentication plugin the first time, which gave me an exception.  Make sure to get the latest on github.
  • I modified my user to have my identity_url using the rails console
  • I used the rails debugger to figure out that I needed an extra slash on the end of my identity_url, which is why my login with openid wasn’t working

Which is a pretty serious amount of bouncing around because I had no idea what I was doing when I got started.  That will turn subsequent openid enablement into a 15 minute exercise.

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