OpenSim Planet Updates

I made a couple of updates in the last week on the OpenSim Planet.  First of, I’m more strictly trying to only pull in the “opensim” tag by various blogs.  This helps keep the planet more on topic.  This pruned out some of the posts that were listed on here previously.  I tried to make it a bit more clear how to contact me, and that I really only want “opensim” tags.

We also got a few new blogs up there including most recently the rezzable blog.  Some good stuff there.

I also decided that the previous 60 entries on the front page was getting a bit out of control, so now that there is plenty of content coming in, the planet will only provide the last 14 days worth of items.  That seems a bit more sane.

I’m also going to try inserting the Delicious blog stream for the opensim tag.  Please let me know if you like it or not.  I’m on the fence right now, but it does seem to surface some things that don’t surface otherwise.

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