gcolor2 – just the application I was looking for

I was working on the MHVLUG wiki, and needed to find a good color of orange.  Typically I just launch gimp, and use the color wheel in there.  But I stopped this time, and did this instead:

apt-cache search color picker

which returned 3 results, including gcolor2.

First off, this is exactly the application I needed.  It launches fast, and just gives me a color wheel to pick colors.  But, it turns out it has something else that’s great.

You see that little eye dropper?  You can click it and then click any pixel on your computer, and it will give you the RGB color of that pixel.  It doesn’t need to be anything special, as it’s pulling directly from the xbuffer.  So handy.  I can’t believe I didn’t know this existed until now.

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