Adding stock scripts to OpenSim

Mo Hax and I have started a weekly effort to gather up some of the IBM internally created OpenSim / Second Life content and contribute it to OpenSim as stock content. As OpenSim approaches the 0.6 release, it would be good to have some more reasonable stock content included for those people that aren’t Second Life Heads, and have huge inventories of their own stuff sitting on their disks. The results of week one was a single handshake animation, and a lot of understanding on how our stock content system works, and how it should be changed to make it easier to contribute to it.

Yesterday, in between builds and meetings, I decided to refactor a few LSL scripts I had that used unique OSL functions that let you dynamically create textures on objects, both from text drawing commands, and from images of the internet. Those are all now in the OpenSim Library, and accessible for anyone in world. They are under the same license as OpenSim, so do what you will with them. 🙂 (Note: I’ve found the client caches the inventory trees, so you’ll need to clear cache before they show up.)

The scripts contributed yesterday are as follows:

  • osTextBoard – a text board I wrote to do agendas or note taking in world. Modify the script, hit save, and you get the content in your text board texture. Multiple font sizes, colors, and names are used.
  • osWeatherMap – a 3 panel cycling weather map for US weather. This is inspired by the work nebadon did on osgrid.
  • GrafittiBoard – Justin Casey’s GrafittiBoard (as seen on osgrid), which is similar to text board, but has an llListen hook so that if you talk on channel 43 it displays it on the board.

Consider all of these as launch points to more complex things. But, they’ll at least give people a flavor of what is possible. And you’ll get it with every opensim build.

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