Lightning is not your friend

When I got home tonight, things seemed a bit off, and I couldn’t figure it out to begin with. Pretty soon I realized that a lot of electronics were acting up. While a hard power reset fixed some of them, others (like our satellite receiver) didn’t recover so well. Given the storm we’d had, I decided to have a look around for a tree that had been struck. While I was out there, I noticed that one of our satellite dishes seemed to have bits hanging off of it. I know there was hail around here today so it could have been that instead.

After some resets, and digging, the comprehensive list of broken items in the house is listed below:

  • Dish Network Receiver – HDMI is toast, and even over the RF to the TV downstairs it appears that it’s getting no satellite signals
  • 5 port gigE switch – plug it in and no lights come on and it just gets hot
  • 2 ports in the other 5 port gigE switch – 1 port that is now dead was the Dish Receiver port
  • the WAN port on my FIOS router
  • the gigE port on my desktop

I had another 10/100 card to throw in the desktop, and it’s back up now. Playing port plugging got enough bits working downstairs. My openwrt router came up like a champ and got me back on the internet. So the damage amounts to about $100 worth of stuff I need to replace, plus whatever the story turns out to be with Dish (who is coming out of Thursday to do the service call). I’ll try to get some pictures up on the damage, and I really should get up on the roof to see if there is any other damage up there, but that’s going to require a day of not rain.

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