Sculptie Physics in OpenSim

In secondlife sculpties only collide on bounding boxes, which make them really only suitable for visuals, not for part of complex builds. Due to some early work done by Teravus this week, that’s no longer true for OpenSim. We’re now creating a tri-mesh collision surface for sculpties and passing that into our physics engine. This code is young (only a week old), but you can see a demo of results below.

Sculptie Physics on OpenSim from Dahlia Trimble on Vimeo.

One thought on “Sculptie Physics in OpenSim”

  1. Wow, really neat. When LL came out with sculpties, they said ‘down the road’ the were going to work on that very same issue. Wonder what the hold up is with them? You seem to have it working great. Great Job!


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