Live from Hardy Herron

Yesterday seemed like as good a time as any to actually do the upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop. A series of wireless card crashes got me fed up to the point that I had to do something.

The upgrade, via update manager, only had one hitch, when the wireless card bonked out in the middle of it. I suppose it adds appropriate insult to injury, given how often the iwl4965 crashed on my over the last couple of months. Resuming the upgrade on wired ethernet, and all was well.

The Good

Upgrade went flawlessly; fonts look even better; wireless seems better; ssh-askpass now seems to actually trigger on login; firefox 3b5 is fast; liferea is much faster

The Bad

Pidgin 2.4’s usability improvements are anything but; A few of my firefox plugins (delicious links, firebug) don’t work with firefox 3b5 yet (as such, my daily links won’t be on the blog until delicious gets fixed).

The Amusing

During installation some 3rd party packages were removed, including Lotus Notes. While I appreciate Ubuntu’s attempt to make my life better, I sorted of need that for work. 😉 I’m pulling from our internal repos now.

One thought on “Live from Hardy Herron”

  1. I hated Ubuntu 7.10. My wireless card would randomly stop working, forcing me to reboot. I’m using the iwl2965 driver, so I see that gitchy Intel wireless must have been the norm. I did my upgrade through my wireless. I too was afraid my upgrade would fail because of my glitchy wireless. Luckily, I made it through the downloading without a problem.

    I’m pretty fond of Ubuntu 8.04 myself. Firefox 3 is just awesome. I didn’t have any problems with Firefox plugins being incompatible (I only use Facebook and Firebug though…). I’ve honestly not noticed the changes to Pidgin. I’ve not done much else with it.

    The upgrade went flawlessly on my laptop. My desktop machine didn’t fare as well. I have to configure Grub manually because of my BIOS and Linux not identifying my hardware the same way.


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