Eve Online for Linux

I was reading Matt’s blog over the weekend and found out there was supported Linux version for Eve Online.  Eve Online is a MMOG in deep space, with 5000 solar systems in the environment.  You start off with a little ship, and you make money over time via mining, fighting pirates, or, in the more unruly areas, waging war on other players.  They’ve designed a pretty reasonable model for new players coming online by having security ratings on zones.  In high security zones if people attack each other, the feds go after them.  In low security regions, you can do whatever you like.

I created a trial account to check it out, and am massively impressed.  I has the base feel of Mechwarrior (the original late 80s game), but with a lot more possibilities.  Because your character gains skills even when you aren’t connected, it allows for a more leisurely use of the game (instead of the WoW phenomena of “can’t eat, raid.  can’t sleep, raid.  can’t talk, raid”).

I’m Neas Bade in world (matching up with my Second Life ID), so if you happen to be on, feel free to find me.

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