Things wish I knew yesterday…

or sometime over the last 12 months, in no particular order

  • I’m one of those folks that has lucid dreams while taking malaria meds.  The dreams are cool, though I could leave behind all the waking up in the middle of the night.
  • My TV has audio optical out, but won’t pass Dolby 5.1 through from the HDMI cable.  Never trust the satelite installers.
  • Football is really awesome in actual Dolby 5.1 (or 4.1 in my case), though it takes some getting used to random people’s voices popping up from time to time behind you.
  • irb (the interactive ruby intepretter) does tab complete, but only if you enable it manually.  You get tab complete in the rails console, so I was always just using that.
  • irb does coloring of code!  That definitely one ups the python interactive shell.
  • Wood stove inserts for fireplaces are really painless installs and manage to throw an incredible amount of heat.
  • Amazon S3 really is that easy, and quite cheap to be used for offsite backup.
  • An automated backup solution for all your home systems is a single apt-get away.
  • xkcd really is that awesome.

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