What I’ll miss on TV in 4 weeks

The writers strike is going to start having an impact on scripted TV in about 4 weeks, when all the shows that were “in the can” end up being aired, and there are no more left.  (Inspired by season pass by jwz.)

Shows I can’t imagine not being around

  • Pushing Daisies – seriously, I’m still not sure how this show manages to work, but it does, brilliantly.  An hour of Tim Burton-esque trippery each week with brilliant writing, incredible narration, and truly odd and compelling characters.
  • Chuck – It started good, and it’s just hit a home run it the last few weeks.  It is seriously a toss up between Pushing Daisies and Chuck for the show I most look forward to each week.
  • House – Ah, you thought they were going to get rid of all the cast in season 4.  They even managed to convince you they had, and your brain just ignores that you see all of the previous cast in every episode.  The culling of the interns “Big Love”, “Cut Throat Bitch”, “13” and all the rest is just awesome.  “I’ll miss you most of all… Rediculously-Old-Fraud.”

My biggest concern here is that Pushing Daisies and Chuck are both freshmen shows.  Daisies is winning it’s timeslot hands down, so I have no fear that it will return after the strike.  Chuck is doing ok, but not great, and I’d really like to see where the story goes.

Shows I’ll miss

  • How I Met Your Mother – the only 30 minute show that we have a season pass for.  I went to school with the show runners, and have loved it since day 1.  There are a lot of great wesleyan in jokes in the show as well.
  • Heroes – but seriously, why has it take 2 months to get Hiro back to modern day?  The speed of this season has been way too slow.
  • Bones – it’s enjoyable, and has some fun sub characters

Stuff I’m going to be annoyed isn’t returning any time soon

  • Battlestar Gallactica – Though not returning until deep into 2008 means I’ve got a better chance of DishNetwork carrying SciFi HD.
  • Lost – the season finale was just freaking incredible, but the planned 8 months until return is definitely going to end up more like 12.  I think their audience may have wandered off by the time it airs again.

Current Filler that I probably won’t notice is gone

  • Bionic Woman – all the sub characters seem to be wooden in different ways.  It’s fine, but not compelling.
  • 24 – I’ve given up on multiple years in the past, though eventually caught up and watched them.
  • Stargate Atlantis – it’s reasonable filler, and plenty of fun.

I’d be curious in getting comments on what you’ll miss in the writers strike.  Some time later this week I’ll post my “stuff to catchup on while the writers strike is on”.

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