are you on twitter and/or delicious?

Over the past couple of months I’ve started looking more at various new “web 2.0” sites, putting aside past prejudices, and seeing where the value in these applications might be.

Delicious is social book marking. I’ve found it is a great way to put interesting stuff on my blog that I didn’t have more than a sentence to say about anyway. It also cuts down on my IM spam to people with interesting links I’ve found, because if they want them, they are here.

is microbloging, which I’m still experimenting with. It’s more like free form presence vs. content of any nature. I think there is something valuable there, but my few weeks of experimenting are too little to really sort that out. You can see my status at twitter now.

If you read this, and have a Delicious or Twitter account, let me know (post a comment, or find me in other ways). I’d love to network in with more people here and get a better sense of the network effects.

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