OpenSim 0.4 Released!

I’ve been working on the OpenSim project for the past 3 months, so it’s quite exciting to see us put out the 0.4 release of OpenSim as a stake in the ground for future progress.  Physics and scripting aren’t there yet, but are getting close.

The project continues to evolve faster than I could have imagined, I can’t wait for what the next 3 months brings. 🙂

3 thoughts on “OpenSim 0.4 Released!”

  1. This was great to see, and I have successfully run the SL client on a DeepGrid server, and on the Ruth/Zion test area. Thanks folks. I am trying to bring up my own standalone server with OpenSim 0.4… and used the nightly binary build for Windows from I am running on Windows Vista. I get one error saying [HTTPD]Spawned main thread OK then Error – Access is denied. Iam not sure if that is a show stopper. Te sdrpt continuies and the jams at [ASSETSTORAGE] Attempting commit

    I tried anyway to connect with the default setings I chose with the SL client. But no joy. Just says Unable to connect.

    I have tried this now on a woprk and home system.

    I tried lookig at the OpenSim FAQs and for guidance on the web and can see no comments on this. Is this a simple thing? and is anyone else stuck at these points?


  2. Depending on your system the first commit of assets make take a bit of time (sqlite isn’t a speed daemon for inserting all that blob data). Probably the best thing to do is get on the #opensim IRC channel on to help debug the environment there.


  3. Thanks Dean. I think I have resolved the problem adn I now have nmy own local island u and rujning.. The opensim.exe MUST be “run as asdmniostrator” explicitly under Vista.. .even if the user if an administrator. Posibky because the opensim,.exe program does not ask for the right permisisons yet. Vista is quite picky on this.. much more so than XP. The SL client can run normally and does not need special attention. Best wqishes, Ai


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