6 thoughts on “Monday Dr Who”

  1. lol… indeed… it is brilliant! was looking for a pic showing the various faces of the doctor over the years and came across this… cheers to the original artist… would be greatt o see an updates version 😀


  2. Wow ! You certainly know your Dr. Who Assistants ! Zoe Heriot, Dodo Chaplet etc. etc. gobsmacked ! This will be my wallpaper until the next Dr. Who special – When is that by the way ? I’ve loved Russell Davies’ work, but I’m now ready for Steven Moffat to take it to the next level.


  3. Fantastic! The Doctor had alot of assistants, but the relationship with rose tyler
    was truly the most special for me! I really love the series and hope there will be
    a lot more! ❤

    JohnMcNeal from Switzerland out!



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