The first time I watched an episode of Coupling, I knew I was watching something different.  It was much like a Joss Whedon show, smarter than it needed to be for the genre, and funnier because of it.  There was a very natural flow of humor and drama that made it stand out.  That show was brought us by Steven Moffat, a writer for BBC.  

This is also the man who has given us the best episodes of the new Dr Who: The Empty Child/The Doctor DancesThe Girl in the Fireplace (all of which won Hugo awards), and Blink (which airs on SciFi this Friday).  Again, each of these were characterized by a playfulness with the format that kept you engaged in a way that rarely happens in the medium of television.  The Girl in the Fireplace showed everything that Dr Who could be, and convinced me that David Tennent was well chosen to be the Doctor.  I would have said that it was the best episode of Dr Who, period, but then I saw Blink, and it’s a toss up.

Obviously when I heard that Moffat was doing another show, I wanted to see it, no matter what it was.  The show is called Jekyll, and has done runs on BBC and BBC America (hopefully they’ll do some reruns again soon), and tells a modern day version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  It is everything I’ve come to expect from Moffat, more intelligent than the genre demands, garnished with comedy at just the right level, and telling a story in a less than traditional way that ensures you don’t have everything figured out from early on.

Find it.  Watch it.  You won’t be disappointed.

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