Reuters Article on OpenSim

There is an article on OpenSim up at the Reuters Second Life booth. On balance, the article isn’t that bad, though it has that standard mainstream need to create some sort of conflict in a story, so be it.

What I do find quite interesting is how fast the development of OpenSim has been going (emphasis is mine).

SECOND LIFE, Sept. 6 (Reuters) – Adam Frisby opened his Second Life client and logged into the virtual world, but right away things were subtly different.

In the world in which he found himself — one that closely resembled Second Life but was in fact a universe of his own making — there was no ability to customize an avatar’s appearance, for instance. So Frisby’s look was locked into the default, not Second Life’s white T-shirt and jeans but a light blue shirt and red pants. And Frisby’s walk and flight were a little awkward — the world’s physics engine was turned off to speed performance….

Inventory and appearance altering started working a week ago. The front page screenshot on the OpenSim web page shows me in my first attempt of this. We are moving fast now. I think the 2 month target in the article is a bit too optimistic, but the project is evolving quite nicely on a daily basis.

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