Fun with visualization

In an effort to wrap my head around some of the code for OpenSim, I took a detour and started adding C# support to autodia. Autodia was originally written as something to create dia UML diagrams from perl code, but extended from there to support many languages, and many output formats. Unfortunately, C# is not yet one of those, yet.

Right now I’ve got class and attribute parsing pretty well under control (except for generics). Autodia definitely evolved on less object oriented languages than C#, as one of the things I’m most interested in knowing is the contains relationships in the codebase, which isn’t supported in the current version (though I know know how to add it, just need a couple of hours). One of the things I’m trying to expose is one of the gotchas of object design: the inbreeding that can come from having parents and members all be the same base class. I’m sure there is some good banjo joke in there, but I’m a cup of coffee short of finding it.

The results, are quite pretty:

Once the work is in a more finished state, I’ll be pushing it back upstream, so others can benefit as well.

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