The Thunderbird Paradox

Something funny occurred to me the other day. I was one of the last folks locally to switch from Mozilla to Firefox (I still call it Mozilla). The big “complaint” everyone had with Mozilla was “it’s so big and bloated, has all these features that I don’t need in it like email. Who wants that in a web browser”. This made Mozilla Suite a more or less dead project, with little innovation left on it.

Jump forward a couple of years, and the people that were most vocal about moving to Firefox early on, all seem to be running Thunderbird. So now instead of having 1 application open that does both things (presumably a bit more efficiently as it shared a lot more code), they have 2. I’ll admit to firing up Thunderbird from time to time to check news groups, but my use of news groups dropped pretty dramatically once it wasn’t in my browser already.

Irony, you are a cruel mistress.

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