Pidgin 2.0

Pidgin 2.0 just released, which has given me a chance to start looking at IM plugins (which I wasn’t going to do during Gaim’s 2 year beta cycle where that interface was always changing). Pidgin 2.0 has some nice changes to it, including final unification of buddy accounts, which I was so used to from Everybuddy years ago.

I’ve already found a couple of bugs in pidgin, but I’m also starting to get familiar enough with the source base that I’m starting to figure out fixes at the same time (at least for the less subtle ones). The last couple of days I spent some time forward porting a private set of plugins from 2.0b2 -> pidgin 2.0 without using the gaim-compat layer. I’ve still got one subtle segfault (looks like a race in buddy status update), but it was a great learning experience on the source base and the API. Hopefully I’ll manage to have enough time to hack up some other plugins over the next many moons.

Deck Progress

I realize that I’ve been rather silent about the deck since before concrete pouring weekend. The deck is nearly done, with only 16 ballisters left on the stairs to go. That will hopefully be completed on Tuesday night, so I can get our inspection scheduled RSN. I’ve got a bunch of pictures from various stages of building, though I’m going to wait until after our memorial day party to put them up, as I’d rather let people see it in person for the first time, instead of by pictures.

I will have to say the deck project has gotten me to buy a couple of really awesome new tools. The first of which is a hammer drill, with which I can put a 3/4 inch hole, 6 inches deep in our cinder blocks in about 10 seconds. Just awesome. 🙂 I also now have a proper cutting table for my mitre saw, which gives me 3 1/2 foot extenders on either side with rollers and guides.