Deck Holes Approved, full steam ahead

The Building Inspector came yesterday, and signed off on the holes we dug. He was quick to notice that we hit rock, so the depth of the holes isn’t an issue… yay!

While we probably didn’t have to go quite so crazy in digging through as much rock as we did, I’m sort of glad we did. Now I know this deck is never going to move, as it will be build on concrete pillars, that are surrounded by rock.

The inspection happening this week keeps us on schedule for the rest of the project (actually a little ahead of schedule, but we won’t be accelerating anything). In 8 days we pour concrete (with my Dad coming down to help), and 2 weeks after that Big Construction Weekend, where we’ll go from footings to deck in a weekend. Lots of family coming in to town for that one. 🙂

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