The Deck Project Begins

This Saturday I fully committed to building my new deck, by taking down the old one. Fortunately, the demolition went pretty quickly due to help from Jay and . Taking down the deck also required moving the outside firewood down to the firepit, done in the most awesome, if not the most effective, way. Enjoy the pictures.

Death Sentence for Internet Radio

A new rate and rules change is being pushed down by the RIAA at the moment, which will mean that most internet radio stations will be kicked off the air. Stations like RadioParadise would be required to pay 125% of their annual budget just to come up with the fees required to pay for their current subscriber base.

More information here.

If you listen to internet radio, consider writing congress on this, otherwise you may loose one of the great new inventions of the internet.

Philadelphia Flow Show

This past weekend Susan and I did something different, and took a trip down to Philadelphia for the annual flower show. The idea first surfaced a couple of weeks ago when Susan brought up the fact that it was coming up, and she’d like to go some year. The fact that Scott, Lori, and Hannah are right around them, and we hadn’t seen them since Hannah arrived, and my aunt lives in the area as well, made it a great opportunity to see not only amazing flowers, but also friends and family.

The flower show is 11 acres of displays, and took us 8 hours to see the whole thing. While the following pictures don’t do it justice at all, they’ll at least give you a flavor of what was there.