Weekend Projects

After three years, the idea that “we should really look at our spices, consolidate, and throw out old ones”, we finally began that project. What looked like an hours worth of work on Saturday, rapidly turned into a more extensive reorganization of the kitchen, which lasted most of the day. Following on the reorganization of our pots and pans a couple weeks ago, we now have a much more sensible placement of spices, baking materials, and our pantry. Perhaps I can even find what I’m looking for in our combined spice collection now. Hopefully this will also add inspiration to making more meals at home, as the kitchen is definitely getting more ergonomic.

Saturday also included “the great skating adventure”, whereby our two intrepid heroes thrust out into the world looking for a reasonable pond, or patch of ice to skate on. It’s been below freezing for a lot of weeks now which means frozen over bodies of water are all around. Even the Hudson is starting to chunk up here in Poughkeepsie. Our first attempt, the pond we took kayaking lessons on last year at the Stringham soccer fields, was crushed by very visible “Do not go on the Ice” signs. While the ice was probably solid enough, that little negative nudge was enough to make us pause. While we were sitting in the car, deciding our next move, I noticed heads bobbing back and forth over the far embankment. Hey… they’re skating, what piece of ice are they on? We pulled back onto Stringham, and found they were using the “Unsupervised Ice Skating Area. 2 Feet Deep”. “They” were 6 or 8 kids (middle school and high school), playing pick up hockey.

Putting on my new comfort hockey skates for the first time, and pushing out onto the ice, made me realize how much I was used to figure skates. For the first 30 minutes, I nearly fell every time I tried to accelerate. Non-existent toe picks made bad balance points. Susan’s first 30 minutes were all about humoring me; her skating skills were even rustier than mine. An hour later, with a game of tag under our belts, she was having a good time, and was able to move around pretty well on the ice.

I also spent a bunch of time optimizing my laptop development environment this weekend. Watching a few folks at work learn emacs for the first time, made me realize I’d never read the manual, and it was far past time to go through my 3 directories of elisp code, and consolidate it into something more sensible for me to manage. A few hours later, I was quite happy with the results, especially my modified two-mode-mode.

That led to the final weekend project, my Ruby on Rails address book, which now has a much nicer interface, and has phonenumbers added to the data model. I need to get a public demo site for that active soon. I’ve really fallen in love with Ruby, as it has made web development fun again.

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