Winter sports, and a new pair of skis

Susan and I went up to Vermont for my father’s 65th birthday this weekend, and actually got two 1.5 hr cross country skis in while we were there. During the ski I realized that while the skis I have now are quiet good for down hill and turns, their climbing ability leaves much to be desired. Susan was actually doing much better than I was on our last ski, on the older Karhu skiis that I had. Fortunately, it’s actually a pretty reasonable time of year to buy skis, given that we’re most of the way through the season, so I ordered a new part of Karhu touring skis for a reasonable price. This will give me something a bit better suited for climbing and track skiing, as well as my current skis which are better for turning and real backwoods adventures.

In addition to skiing, we had also planned to go ice skating this morning, however the balmy 6 degree weather, and 30 mph wind gusts made that not such a good idea. Maybe next time.

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