MHVLUG Meeting Notes – January 3rd 2007

Last night was the first MHVLUG meeting of 2007, and marks a return to Wednesday nights (which I think is where we started, though I’ll need to look that up.) The Wednesday night shift appeared to be a good thing, as we had 30 people there, including some new faces. Monday nights were definitely hard, often with the group dropping to 15 or so, so I think Wednesday is probably a good place to keep the meetings for a while.

Mike Kershaw gave an overview of Digital Photography on Linux. After a few slides giving some back ground, Mike started showing demos of applications like gphoto2 (command line tool to get photos off your cammera), ufraw (for manipulation of color and light levels on raw images, if you have a Digital SLR that produces them), and the gimp.

The Gimp demo lasted for quite a long time, and included a lot of tricks including using basic tools such as unsharp mask, and color balance, to touch up any image. The example of using a layer mask to put together 2 images with vastly different light levels was very cool, and explains how the image Mike gave us as a wedding present was created. 🙂 I personally never knew you could drag around the magic wand to expand the selection, which was a great piece of info that I’m glad to have now.

The demos ended with putting together images using hugin and autopano. I love these tools, and Mike did a live demo of stitching together parts of the room into an image showing that with almost no effort you get quite reasonable results. It was a great meeting, with something for everyone there.

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