Linux Job Spam

As president and founder of Mid-Hudson Valley Linux Users Group, my name is associated with the group in many directories in which MHVLUG is listed. As we all know, having your email address all over the interweb is how you get spam.

I’m getting an average of 1 email per week of people looking for qualified Linux professionals in the greater New York area. Usually the jobs are sys admin related, though from time to time they are programming positions. The part that bothers me about these emails is that most of them specifically say don’t send them on to the mailing list, but are basically looking for me to give an active referral.

There are 150 people on the MHVLUG mailing list, 30ish people come to each meeting (about 15 solid regulars, then a rotating mix of another 40 people that come to many meetings but don’t make it to all). I’m in a position where I actually know the skills of about 10 of those people, and all of them are very gainfully employed at the moment (and doubtful they want to move to Long Island anyway, as this latest request would like). I will happily forward along emails to the list about jobs, and anyone is allowed to post them there, as it is a good audience to try to get qualified people. However I am not a head hunter, and don’t really have the time to play one on TV either.

I’m trying to figure out which of the following is the right response:

  • bitbucket – which is the current policy. If the email doesn’t specifically state that it can be sent on to the group, it dies on the vine.
  • form letter – that I could bounce back immediately saying “we encourage posting of job opportunities to our mailing list, please resend in the following format and I’ll forward it on”
  • web form for job submissions to the list – which either means bitbucket on the emails, or form letter pointing to the web form

Any opinions from the Lazy Web? Feel free to email or comment below.

Also, in the long standing debate that seems to pop up in various circles, I’m seeing lots of evidence that there are plenty of tech jobs for qualified, motivated individuals. This Linux Job Spam has seriously upticked in the last year, as has the rate of job posts I’ve seen on the NYLUG and Perl Jobs lists. No, jobs aren’t falling off trees like overripe coconuts as they were in 2000, but they are out there if you spend some time looking and know what you are doing.

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