The Daily Show with David Javerbaum at Bard

Last night Susan, Chris, and I headed up to Bard for a lecture / interview / show and tell with David Javerbaum, the head writer and supervising producer for The Daily Show. We did cast the net wider, trying to get other people to join us. No one else was responding to IM during the day, so to all you lamers (you know who you are), it was pretty cool.

The evening was done Inside the Actors Studio style, with one of the Bard faculty that knew David asking the questions. It started off with a lot of questions about how he came to work at The Daily Show, and the process of writing and producing the show in general, and the specifics of what goes into making an episode. They then started playing clips from various parts of the show, and talking about both that act in general, and the specific instances shown. Just about all the clips were from the last 2 weeks.

The moments when David couldn’t keep from busting out laughing were great. 🙂 As was his discussion of the various cast members, and what it’s like writing for them. The Daily Show has seen a lot of turnover in cast as all the reporters are seen for their comic ability, and end up in bigger gigs in Hollywood. David personally writes the toss between John and Steven at the end of the Daily Show, which he did say was the best part of his day, as it’s something small, focused, and he can do anything he wants with it as long as it keeps everyone in character.

Some of the comparisons between The Daily Show, and the Colbert Report at the end were quite interesting. David put it best as:

John comments on the irony; Steven is the irony.

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