Brutalizing python scripts

After reading much of distutils code, I’ve finally figured out how to hack a to have extra rules, and extra required flags, and not break any of the build in support. It was far hackier than I had hoped, and it annoys me slightly that I had to abuse it so bad to get what I needed. Eventually I’ll post what I learned on my wiki as google turned up nothing useful when I was looking for this, and knowledge this painfully acquired should be shared.

Also on the build front, Jeff, who has been sending me ExifTagger patches, found my MakeMaker article, and started asking me how to abuse MakeMaker (perl’s equiv of to do what he needed, as the rpm packager for one of his other projects is having difficulties with his base Makefile. Small world there. 🙂

I think I’ll need a dedicated section of my wiki on Build Systems, and how to make them do what “you” want. 🙂 There is a bag of tricks I’ve aquired over the years, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to brain dump it so it is findable via “The Google”.

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