MHVLUG November Meeting Synopsis

I’ve decided that I’m going to start giving a synopsis of the MHVLUG meeting just happened, so people that don’t make it, may get an idea of what they missed, and hopefully start coming around.

Main Talk – Build Your Own Digital Picture Frame
Chris gave a pretty cool talk on the process of turning a thinkpad 560 to a digital picture frame that does a rotating slide show on your wall. He prepared a slide show about the process, and things to consider, which will end up on the website soon. The talk also had a lot of show and tell. Chris both disassembled a 560 to show what you needed to be careful about (i.e. what you can break, and what you can’t), and had another 560 running with the slide show software on Linux.

At least 2 people in the audience said they were going to follow this guide to build one of their own.

Other Business

  • December Meeting is on the 2nd Monday due to library scheduling. It will be on how to get hardware to work on Linux, and where to start debugging an issue.
  • Linux Help Day this Saturday at SUNY New Paltz
  • In 2007 MHVLUG meetings are moving to Wed Nights

Vital Stats
Meeting Kickoff: 6:10
Main Lecture Done: 7:00
Headed to Palace: 7:50

Talk Attendance: 25
Dinner Attendance: 7 (pretty low for us)

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