Babylon 5… from the beginning

We begun watching Babylon 5 from the beginning on Sci-Fi night at my place, which I’m quite excited about. It’s been 8 years since B5 went off the air, and I really can’t wait to get through the entire story arc again. After watching the pilot, and episode 1, I went out looking for B5 quote lists again, and figured I’d share a few from season 1. As some of the folks watching B5 for the first time read this, I’ve kept everything pretty spoiler free.

“Now, landing thrusters.. landing thrusters, hmm. Now if I were a landing thruster, which one of these would I be?”

— Londo in Babylon 5:”A Voice in the Wilderness #2″


“And Vir!”
“Yes, sir?”
“Don’t give away the homeworld.”

— Londo and Vir in Babylon 5:”Born to the Purple”

If we end up watching 2 eps a week (skipping thanksgiving for obvious reasons), we’ll get to “Signs and Portents” on Dec 20th. I can’t wait.

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