Really getting my head around perl gtk2 and glade

While visiting friends of Susan’s over the weekend, I had some downtime to spend with ExifTagger and work in a few features that I’d been contemplating. More importantly it meant a critical break through in mentally grasping how to do certain things in perl gtk2 with glade. While not rocket science, it was nice to finally figure out how I could change the background color on an input field, and really understand TreeView this time around.

The more I work with libglade, and high level language bindings, I am convinced that it is one of the best ideas out there for gui design right now. While there are times when you need to do things that wonder off the main path (like actually creating columns in a TreeView), and become manual again, the fact that so much boiler plate is handled for you, is brilliant. It reminds me of Ruby on Rails in that regard, hard things are easy, easy things are done for you (and thus don’t bore you), and really hard things just become hard now.

I’ve been writing down personal things that I’ve figured out on my wiki. I couldn’t find good examples on google for these things, thus doing a short writeup on the issue, with an piece of example code, should mean the next guy has better luck.

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