Grad School

For the past 3.5 years, grad school has just been something that I do, and will be doing forever. I’m enrolled in the Computer Science Masters degree program at Marist College, taking 1 class a semester, part time, at nights. As registration was coming up for this spring, I emailed the adviser for the program about where I stood, and what classes I still need to take.

Turns out I’ve only got 2 required, and 3 electives left (so Spring 2009 is my graduation date if nothing goes wrong). Which means I’m more than 1/2 through the program. So for the first time since it started, the end is closer than the beginning. While I’ve enjoyed some part of every class that I’ve taken so far, and have learned something in every class, things like Curling had to take a back seat this year given how booked the rest of my life is right now. Perhaps, post grad school, I could actually join the curling league in Norfolk. 🙂

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