Random acts of usefulness

By now, just about everyone has heard of Google’s Code Search. After seeing Bruce Scheier’s blog post, I decided it would be amusing to search for my name on it, just to see if there was anything surprising.

While most of it was stuff I would have expected (though I was amused by the high percentage of links to gentoo repositories for the actually code, vs. upstream sources), I did come across 1 gem:

2002-01-04  Christian Queinnec  

	* All: Packaged all the previous perl files composing the
	enquete.pl suite. Put under CVS (with RCS old files). Written
	tests according to the "Building Perl projects with MakeMaker" by
	Sean Dague (highly recommended reading, I did not know any of
	these features of Perl before: shame on me!).

It’s always nice to know that you’ve done something useful. 🙂

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