Grad School

For the past 3.5 years, grad school has just been something that I do, and will be doing forever. I’m enrolled in the Computer Science Masters degree program at Marist College, taking 1 class a semester, part time, at nights. As registration was coming up for this spring, I emailed the adviser for the program about where I stood, and what classes I still need to take.

Turns out I’ve only got 2 required, and 3 electives left (so Spring 2009 is my graduation date if nothing goes wrong). Which means I’m more than 1/2 through the program. So for the first time since it started, the end is closer than the beginning. While I’ve enjoyed some part of every class that I’ve taken so far, and have learned something in every class, things like Curling had to take a back seat this year given how booked the rest of my life is right now. Perhaps, post grad school, I could actually join the curling league in Norfolk. πŸ™‚

ExifTagger v0.20 and feedback

ExifTagger v0.20 is out… a day after 0.1 was out. The quick turn around was due to me not really testing the SHAREINST code for the glade file. In short, the app didn’t work from tarball, though it would from rpm. I had the bug reported to me about 8 hours after release by someone random on the internet, and I fixed it about 8 hours later. Not bad user support, even if I do say so myself.

ExifTagger is the first time I’ve pushed purely personal code to freshmeat that was:

  1. A gui app
  2. Had a screen shot

The fact that I’ve been contacted by a couple of people already this week (showing how alpha the software really is) gives me pause. It’s fun to work on software that other people find useful. The odds of joe random user popping their head up is more likely if it has a fun screen shot and a gui. So, I think from here on out my personal projects will all have guis and screenshots. πŸ™‚ Given that I’ve finally wrapped my head around libglade, that should be that hard.

Also, the fact that my app has a really cool picture of Grinnell Glacier on it just makes me happy. πŸ™‚

Random acts of usefulness

By now, just about everyone has heard of Google’s Code Search. After seeing Bruce Scheier’s blog post, I decided it would be amusing to search for my name on it, just to see if there was anything surprising.

While most of it was stuff I would have expected (though I was amused by the high percentage of links to gentoo repositories for the actually code, vs. upstream sources), I did come across 1 gem:

2002-01-04  Christian Queinnec  

	* All: Packaged all the previous perl files composing the suite. Put under CVS (with RCS old files). Written
	tests according to the "Building Perl projects with MakeMaker" by
	Sean Dague (highly recommended reading, I did not know any of
	these features of Perl before: shame on me!).

It’s always nice to know that you’ve done something useful. πŸ™‚

ExifTagger 0.1 Released

ExifTagger 0.1 has made it out the door, and can be fetched from the exiftagger project page. ExifTagger is designed to be a simple front end application for updating Comment and Location fields for large numbers of digital images. It’s quite rough around the edges still (and there is plenty I’d like to add), however is definitely “works for me”, and I’ve used it on about ~1000 images so far without any issues.

For those at the MHVLUG meeting last month, this is what I presented at the end of my photo album talk. I still need to release my bins updates to make it take advantage of these new tags, however that will be coming soon.