Image tagging marathon…

ExifTagger has been doing reasonably well for me. I’m now about 40% through the honeymoon pictures (finally made it to yellowstone about 10 minutes ago). A couple usability things I’ve realized I should add:

  • Jump 10 (or 20 or something). Given that I’m on about image 300 of 714, starting over from the beginning and going through all these isn’t going to be fun. bins-edit-gui has it, which is another reason to add it.
  • Specify what photo number you are on. I current show the filename, however having an actually (300 of 714) would be nice
  • ctrl-s, ctrl-n, ctrl-l is such a common key combo I really need a single “save-next-load tags” button / key accelerator
  • Figure out which tag I’m going to use for “include in album”. I’m thinking about the Rating tag, saying that rating 10 means you are in the album. There are some other tags I could abuse, but I think that makes the most sense.
  • Backup files before modification. While I haven’t been burned on this yet, Mike is going to start using the tool soon. My screwing up my images is one thing, screwing up someone elses is another. I think I’m going to just backup everything to .backup/%mtime-imagename every time I change one. That should make it easy to rollback.
  • Put a border on the image, to make it more visible
  • Use the status bar for things like “File … saved”

Code should be ready to go out this weekend, just in time for LUG talk next Monday 🙂

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