ExifTagger v0.0

I’ve gotten ExifTagger, my program to edit comment and location exif tags in images, to the point of usefulness now. I just finished tagging all the images from the photographer at the wedding, and it was so much faster (ctrl-n, type, ctrl-s, repeat) than doing it by hand the way I did before. As soon as I get a second brave sole to try it out, and throw in some install scripts, I’ll post it on my wiki for general consumption. I’ve got a laundry list of things I should add, and there are plenty of bugs. But for main path, without trying to break it, it works fine.

I also need to clean up my modifications to bins that make it rely more on Exif (Title is the first 4 words of the comment, Location is loaded from exif) and post those as well.

Ok, enough time having fun coding, now I need to bear down and start studying for my exam on Tuesday.

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