House Toys

Last weekend Susan and I were in Home Despot, getting a new sink for our bathroom that is being remodelled. As Susan was off considering fixtures, I roamed through the appliances section and my eye was caught by a Cobalt Blue LG Washing machine:

Really cool features about this washing machine:

• Direct Drive Motor for the Ultimate in Durability and Reliability
• SteamWash™ System for Better Washing Performance and Higher Water and Energy Efficiency
• SenseClean™ System for Intelligent Fabric Care
• Stackable with Matching Dryer

And the last one is what really caught my eye. You see, we have a rather cramped laundry room, for those who have never been to our house. A set of stackable units would let us spin them around against the back wall, and get all kinds of space back in the room. Plus, the washer and dryer are just gadgetriffic, including a little musical tune when they boot up. 🙂

I think I’ve resigned myself that we’re getting these this year. It’s definitely a little overkill, but hey, I’m a geek, and “appliance” means a whole different thing to me than the average person.

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