Stateful Computing

Funny and quick. My laptop has 7 days uptime (my month of uptime was killed by iwpriv ath0 mode 2 while doing wpa_supplicant things. 3rd time I’ve done that, 3rd time I’ve gotten killed on it).

Even though wipes out much of my state, it doesn’t actually for my 2 most used applications, Firefox and XEmacs. Firefox has a Session Saver plugin, which is pretty handy. XEmacs just keeps track of all open buffers at all times, so an application restart brings up all the previous buffers. After many weeks of not closing buffers in XEmacs, I decided to just drop some so my Ctrl-` key cycles through a more reasonable number of tabs. It was sort of funny to walk through and kill buffers off one at a time, as it was almost a complete history of the last 2 weeks. 2 code reviews, an article that I last was writing a month ago, many todo lists, and 3 or 4 personal projects I’ve been hacking on. πŸ™‚

As soon as I get around to writing my X-Chat plugin, I’ll have the last major daily application stateful enough to be useful.

If only Firefox….

I really wish that Firefox set WM_URGENT when a new tab or window loaded. I need to look into what it would take to make that happen, as my use of Ion would end up being nirvana after that. Click on a link in an application Mod-k k, read the link, Mod-k k back to where you were. I spent a bunch of time on google looking for tihs one, and failed, which isn’t promissing. In my copious spare time, I’ll have to look into this one more.

Manager vs. Engineer Worldview

I was in the middle of this amusing exchange the other day. Names removed to protect the innocent, and summarized a bit. I like and respect everyone involved in the exchange, but it just shows a difference of world view.

Manager: We’re told there is a list of 9000 non compliant people corporate wide. We think there are about 300 in our organization. I think it will be easiest to just email all the affected managers and figure out who is compliant and who isn’t.

Engineer: Wait, there is a text parsable list of those 9000? Can we get a copy of it? It should only take about an hour of scripting to bang out something that rips through that list, looks in the directory, and sees who eventually reports to our VP.

Manager: really?

Engineer: Yeh, plus it will mean less people have to do busy work. If we send it to all the managers, they’ll just send it to employees to sort it out, which will end up being a whole lot of man hours and time lost, and get everyone grumpy with more paper work.

Manager: right, good point.

Of course this means that Engineer has signed himself up for that hour of extra work, but that’s ok, it saves everyone else a lot of time, and Engineer in question doesn’t get to code often enough anyway. πŸ™‚

The Tick… edited

Toon Disney has been playing The Tick recently, which is great, and it has been lots of fun rewatching the show. However, any time you air a mid 90s cartoon on current TV in syndication, you end up loosing a couple of minutes of content in the process (which is why I can’t wait for The Tick on DVD, oh please, oh please.)

Having quoted the Tick a lot in college, there are a few places where I’ve noticed the cuts. One was tonight, when the interview sequence was cut from “Can you destroy the earth with your mind?” to “Can you destroy the earth?”. You loose a little bit of Edlund in that edit, but it’s bearable. However, in the first episode they actually completely remove the scene with Bi-Polar Bear. Yes, I know it wouldn’t be politically correct now, but it wasn’t back then either, during the heart of political correctness. πŸ™‚

Please… The Tick on DVD, then I’ll be able to see all the old eps in their true glory.