End of term potpourri

Last night was the exam for my grad class. It went quite well. The 2 hour test took me about 45 minutes to finish, then I went over the test 3 times, mostly to kill time and not miff everyone else in the room for leaving so early. The test was pretty straight forward, and while I’m sure I missed a few points here and there (given that I always do, I’m just not that careful about anything), I think the grade will be pretty good. That means I get back about 6 hours / week of time for the next 3 months, which is always appreciated (and needed, due to the wedding). It also means that I am now ~ 1/2 way through grad school. As long as I can get the last UG prereq dropped (which shouldn’t be too much of a challenge), I’ve got 6 more classes (only 1 is a required class), and the network lab that I’ve continued to not figure out when I have time for.

I’m currently on a plane to Wisconsin to visit my friend Nick, one of my closest friends from college. It was supposed to be his graduation this week, but his thesis took a little more time than anticipated. Such is life. It actually makes the visit much nicer, as there won’t be quite so many different pulls on Nick’s time while I’m there, and hopefully it means He, Heather (his fiancee), and I will get much chill time together.

My team of interns start arriving on Monday. I’m really looking forward to having 4 bright students, and a hard problem, and seeing what happens with a little direction. It’s also something new, having never led an intern team before, and new is always good.

Wedding planning is coming along. Susan and I finally have some food options, and that is a very good thing. πŸ™‚ We had a good talk with Steve Warner, who will be officiating the wedding last weekend. Steve is a family friend from as far back as I can remember, a really funny guy, and a justice of the peace in Granville, VT, where I was born, grew up, met Susan for the first time, and where we’ll get married. That last thought just occurred to me last night, and think very clearly has to be part of the material for the wedding itself. I also seem to have fixed whatever Google didn’t like about the wedding website, so now “dague wedding” or “tveekrem wedding” is showing up correctly as the first hit. Given the uniqueness of both of our names, you are almost going to have to try to not find the site. πŸ˜‰

The whole ppp over sprint phone thing, has me rather excited. It means I’ll have to play with getting IMAP up and running on my home box, as while the through put seems pretty good (140 kbs range on a long wget), the latency is very high (min 350 ms to google.com). My normal method of sshing into my home box to do mutt in screen isn’t going to cut it over that link.

Lastly I just finished listening to How to Make Love the Bruce Cambell Way, which was awesome, and started listening to The Salmon of Doubt, the set of Douglas Adams post mortem essays that were pulled together a few years back. Really, really, good.

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