The coolest Civic that I’ll never be able to buy

Doesn’t that look cool! Honda did a concept car for a 2005 motor show which is a cool evolution of the die hard civic. Unlike most concept cars, they actually decided to start making this one, and selling it in Europe. The Top Gear guys just reviewed it, and they really liked it. You can check out more information at the Honda UK site

The problem is, they are making it in Europe. And given how our currency is in the tank right now, odds of it coming state side are pretty low. 😦 In a year, I’ll be starting to think about a new car to replace my 1998 Civic (bought it new, 8 years old now, 105k miles), and got my hopes up for just a second that this might actually be the 2007 Civic in the US. But, alas, the gods of crappy economy have busted our hopes again.

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