Stateful Computing

Funny and quick. My laptop has 7 days uptime (my month of uptime was killed by iwpriv ath0 mode 2 while doing wpa_supplicant things. 3rd time I’ve done that, 3rd time I’ve gotten killed on it).

Even though wipes out much of my state, it doesn’t actually for my 2 most used applications, Firefox and XEmacs. Firefox has a Session Saver plugin, which is pretty handy. XEmacs just keeps track of all open buffers at all times, so an application restart brings up all the previous buffers. After many weeks of not closing buffers in XEmacs, I decided to just drop some so my Ctrl-` key cycles through a more reasonable number of tabs. It was sort of funny to walk through and kill buffers off one at a time, as it was almost a complete history of the last 2 weeks. 2 code reviews, an article that I last was writing a month ago, many todo lists, and 3 or 4 personal projects I’ve been hacking on. 🙂

As soon as I get around to writing my X-Chat plugin, I’ll have the last major daily application stateful enough to be useful.

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