Don’t step in the Leadership….

The last two days of work weren’t actually work per say, they were the Leadership Excellence class here at IBM. I’d heard really good things about the class from people that I very much respect that have gone through it, so was rather intrigued in what it was going to be like. This ends up being 3 – 4 weeks cumulative of classes over the course of the year, so there will surely be more on it here later.

Our first module was the 2 day Collaboration Class. What this class really was, was about Communication. We started with a behavior test, to determine our own behavior types, and that was used as the basis of a series of team exercises over the course of the 2 days. We were using the DiSC method, and I came out a strong DC, for those who know what that means.

After 2 days of group activities, including a group activity to resolve behavior conflicts over the building of the first rail road, my brain is quite full, but I am looking at the world slightly differently. If all the classes are as good as this one, I really can’t wait to see what is next. 🙂

Going through the DiSC test did make me start wondering about Myers-Briggs again however, so I was amused to find the Harry Potter MB test this morning on science blogs. I am:

Not all that scientific, but amusing none the less. 🙂

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