More adventures in Curling

I was too busy last week to give the blow by blow for Day 1 of curling, but Pyg did, so I don’t feel too bad.

The day started with brunch, with the normal crew (Mike, Porkchop, Pyg, Gargos, and myself). After a quick resync at the homestead, I swung out to Pyg’s place, and we were off.

Today was about drills:

  • Throw a blocking stone
  • Throw a stone that hooks around a blocking stone
  • Throw a stone between 2 other stones
  • Throw a knock-out shot

In general, we were pretty bad at all of these things. However, over the course of all the drills I finally figured out the way in which I need to hold the broom, so I stopped toppling over on my throws, which are doing reasonably well when it comes to straightness. That got me much more comfortable on doing shots, and let me stop thinking about not falling over, and start trying to sort out all the other things I should be thinking about.

Our team is formed, the Fighting Berungies (sp?), with Jay, Pyg, and Jason (who we paired off with on Day 1, and we all work pretty well together), so we got to play a 2 End competition at the end of it. We drew 1 – 1 at the end of it, which is pretty respectable, given the other team had a ringer from the club to bring their 3 person team up to 4.

For next thursday I think we are definitely all in need of some more drills on throwing blocking shots, as we either were stopping dead 2 feet from the hog line, or blowing past into the back.

Until next time… good curls.

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