Yet more fun with RSS, rssbot

More and more IRC has has basically become a dashboard for me. Most of what I need to know goes on in it, and most of the technical conversations I have are based in there. Especially given that the 2 main tools I use, mercurial and moinmoin, have rss feeds, it becomes even more sensible to have that information feed right into IRC as well.

So after spending a couple hours understanding POE (which is an event model for Perl much like Twisted is for Python), and the IRC and RSS sample code that goes along with it, I created a simple rssbot for the mhvlug IRC channel. It’s mostly working at this point, though I’m going to clean it up a bit and add a config file over the next few days before publishing it.

POE is definitely a much better place to start experimenting with IRC bits that I was thinking about before. And it was fun to write an IRC bot from scratch in 3 hours. 🙂

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