from trac to moin

I finally decided that I had enough of Trac, the integrated wiki / tracker / scm site, after it appears there are no longer any working versions in svn that support mercurial as the back end source management system. That wasn’t the only reason that I decided to leave trac behind, it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I know if I pinged the developers, it would probably be fixed in a short while, but after a month of Trac at work testing things out, I’ve decided that I just like MoinMoin better for a wiki, and the other benefits weren’t something I was really using.

There are a bunch of reasons for this:

  • MoinMoin supports Templates for pages, this makes creating similar content pages (like interview forms for interns) much easier. In Trac I had to cut and past a lot.
  • While it shouldn’t be a big deal, the double click page to edit preference is so nice from a usability point of view
  • I was doing other MoinMoin work on an official wiki where it was convenient to have my own test wiki to toy with, write new Parsers and Macros
  • The benefits of the RSS feed for Trac is heavily mitigated by Mercurial having it’s own RSS feed built in. I also found the RSS that Trac generated to be less than useful, and will probably even make some enhancements to the Mercurial feed as well.
  • There were just enough format differences from Trac to MoinMoin, that it was frustrating me in moving from one to the other.
  • I’m already maintaining MoinMoin for MHVLUG, so one less app to maintain myself is much better.
  • MoinMoin 1.5 just feels slick. The built in styles get everything you don’t need out of the way, and the GUI editor is a good addition to get new people using the wiki.

So has been retired, and is where I’ll be putting all my bits now.

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